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On this page reviews from our contacts and students to give you an impression of their experiences with Finance for Non-Financials.

Susan has been training all our management teams in Europe. A huge success. She is able to train ‘non-financials’ in a very structured and entertaining way in a field that does not always appeal to participants or goes off easily. Using catchy pictures and flowcharts to explain complex matters very easily. I get a lot of requests for more in-depth training from our organization. But, only by Susan! Highly recommended if you like to improve the financial knowledge of management (but also anyone else who is confronted with numbers) in an effective and pleasant way!

Ron Bijkersma
CHR Director Schoeller Allibert Group

I’ve been working with Susan since I started in my current position as a learning and development specialist, but she has been around the company for a longer period. I deliberately say I work WITH her, because it never felt like she works FOR us. Susan is great in understanding the company and its needs and she can tailor her advice and training content to our strategy. This is also part of the reason she trained many of our employees in different locations around the world. The other reason she is still training our employees is that her way of training matches our target group. She stays away from academical terms and she can think out-of-the-box for a financial person, but inside-the-box for a non-financial person. So if you are searching for a finance trainer who can connect with the organization and employees, and who does not run a default non-financial program, I can highly recommend Susan!

Bas Scholte
Learning & Development specialist

Dear Susan,

I want to thank you once again for the best 2 days I have ever spent on finance for non-finance people! Your visual approach for the basics of finance made everything simple, clear and very easy to understand. More than that, the fact that you centered the training on interpreting and understanding the MEANING behind numbers, made the training more relevant and useful.

One more thing from my side: congratulations for making a motto alive! It was the best display I have seen of a motto in action, made functional and yours in particular is a hard one. Thank you again and have a great week.

Bogdan Cucu
Commercial Director, Orbico Group

Training Orbico

As a financial specialist and trainer, I have enjoyed reading Susan’s e-learning. What a great course! For Non-Financials, the level is just right; enjoyable and understandable. From the value cycle Susan takes you through the wonderful world of financial management, step by step all important concepts and financial principles are discussed. This alternates with self-tests, giving the whole an interactive character. You can set your own pace and stop or resume at any time. Ideal for a home study. I think this is a great course and highly recommend it to everyone!

Gijs Hiltermann
lecturer Nyenrode, author financial management

Schoeller Allibert Training CEE

An extraordinary event. Usually I reward the best performing participant in the training with a prize. Tuesday I was rewarded Best trainer of Schoeller Allibert after giving a finance training to the management team from North Eastern Europe. Thank you Sajalinna Katariina, Roman Kalenyuk, Martin Blixt, Christer Jakobsson, Teemu Sihvola, Peter Hartwall and Leif Hollén for your active participation and enthusiasm!

MT Schoeller Allibert

I have just completed the e-learning program of F4NF from Susan Marcussen-Geelen. As a real non-financial person, the e-learning program has given me a lot of insight so that I now can confidently delve into financial issues that play a role in my work and can take the correct follow-up actions. This means that I’m fully confident in the financial field. The e-learning program is clearly formulated, interactively set up and because of the repeating exercises, it is easy to check whether you have understood the content correctly and if you can place it in the right context. I highly recommended the program for anyone who does not yet feel confident enough to participate sufficiently with the financials and board/management within the company.

Elke Ribbers – Jutten
Business unit manager Normec QA at Normec Foodcare

When I took office as manager of a distribution centre, my knowledge in the field of financial management turned out to be insufficient to carry out my responsibilities properly. I’ve asked Susan to help me develop a sound financial understanding that is needed to identify the necessary conclusions and to value the appropriate action that needs to be done. I highly recommend Susan to fellow directors/managers who need both practical and strategic insight.

Ron van Kruistum
Distribution centre manager

Participants interactive training

Last week we enjoyed Susan’s interactive training, it was a great success! I assume that the evaluation forms will also show this because I hear the same sounds from the other participants. The information was presented very clearly and the assignments (which we also had a lot of fun doing!!) made the material very clear. By “doing” the information really came in and you saw that the theory could be applied better and better.

The training was also well tailored for the non-profit participants, which was nice. Overall, a great success and Susan is really very good at what she does!!

I would like to train with her again next year. We are thinking of 5 days: a repeat of the 3-day training (because I already have new registrations) and then 2 days of deepening (content to be put together in mutual consultation, based on specific cases and learning questions from participants).

Many thanks to John for this successful collaboration, with special thanks to Susan for her talent!

Bregje Boetekees

Manager White & Yellow Cross Care foundataion
St. Maarten

I am currently taking the Finance for Non-Fiancials e-learning through the company I work with. I not only find very interesting to learn about finances but I believe it’s important for everyone to have an understanding on it. It is a complex topic but the way Susan is able to make it all understandable even for non-financials fascinates me! The courses are clear, easy to follow and keeps you engaged throughout all the lessons. Such a great opportunity to follow Susan’s course.

Aline Guarini
Hendrix Genetics

I followed the e-learning and it was a real eye-opener! The way Susan explains everything clearly ensures that you understand it once and for all! Highly recommended for anyone who is not financially savvy, but wants to understand how the financial flows work AND how you can ensure that your project is financially well founded, so that you are guaranteed to sell it internally or externally!

Sue Titulaer
Professional organizer

I was among the lucky few to get a seat in one of Susan’s training sessions. What I remember most is her approach to clarifying the basic principles of Accounting, Finance and Metrics through concrete issues from daily life that – at first sight – have little to do with finance principles. In addition, Susan has the gift of captivating people, binding them, and making them want to learn even more.

Ann Soufnanguel
HR Business partner IT – Ahold Delhaize

Thanks Susan Marcussen-Geelen for yesterday’s Finance for non financials training. Didn’t think someone would be capable of teaching me the basics, but you succeeded! Finishing second (in terms of overall assignment scores) felt like a significant achievement. Nicole Fischer, congrats on taking home the prize!

Anouk Breuls
Communications Manager Direct – Europe
Office Depot

Finance is FUN! I know that since I took the training ‘understanding financial statements’ with Susan. Susan has experience as a Business Controller in extremely challenging business conditions. This is demonstrated by the striking (sometimes hilarious) examples that she uses in her training. This way she knows how to bring financial topics to life. 

Her enthusiasm and humour are infectious. Besides the fact that this makes the training fun to follow, the knowledge also really ‘sticks’ with you. The interactive way Susan gives her training courses means that as a participant I could immediately apply the material in situations that are relevant to me. Thanks to Susan’s training, I can now read and understand a ‘balance sheet’ and a ‘profit and loss account’ much better.

Karel Haan
Leadership and Consultancy behaviors trainer at Canon


Susan has gained broad experience in various controlling positions within Canon, an internationally oriented company in the printer business. In addition, she has acquired a solid theoretical background, through an academic training in business economics and a post-doctoral controller training, both at Maastricht University. Because of her always positive appearance, she has been able to transfer this theoretical knowledge very well to students at Maastricht University and at internal courses within Canon. Susan knows how to connect theory and practice in a special way and takes the time to answer every question in a satisfactory way. A professional!

Wiel Dings
interim management & consultancy

Good morning Susan,
Thank you again for the great day yesterday! Challenging program, clear explanations and a lot of fun through the day! great 😉

Erna Laclé
Projectleider Sectorplan Zorg, Leren en Werken

With her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, Susan has given me a good overview of financials for non financials through her training. Although I do not have a financial background, the training was perfect to follow and gave me sufficient knowledge and background for my job. I also found the part in which she discusses the “balance of yourself as a person” a real eye opener. In short: very fun and educational.

Patrick Kleuskens
sr project manager DEMCON

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