Financial Management
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Financial Management training open enrollment program

Give your career the boost in financial knowledge that it needs!

Do you also struggle with the following problem?

  • You find yourself unable to participate in important moments when the financials are being discussed.
  • And therefore cannot support important topics with financial reasoning.
  • Maybe you will miss the next step in your career if you don’t significantly advance your knowledge about Financial Management.

Susan can help

Susan Marcussen is the person who, together with a small group of other professionals, will quickly guide you in the world of Financial Management. The program is based on her international controlling experience and years of teaching courses at many different universities and business schools.

Your learning goals

During the intake, we will discuss your background, the problems you are experiencing at work, your schedule, wishes and learning goals.

Create a program

We base the program on the learning objectives of the participants, where we not only tackle your problems but also learn from the situations of others. There is a lot of focus on your own reports, KPI's and actions.

Lesson materials

In between the training courses we also work on increasing knowledge by using the e-learning program, the e-book, and the videos.

Experiences with the Financial Management training program

Contact us

Contact us today and ask about the possibilities to join the next open enrollment for the financial management training program.

"So that you can affect decisions and can look forward to the next step in your career."

Don’t get stuck at your current level, develop yourself!

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