Customized Financial
Management training

High impact and customized training!

High impact Financial Management training

Are you a learning & development manager?
And do you want to offer financial training to improve the resilience of the organization?

You are looking for a trainer who masters all the aspects needed to provide a quality Financial Management training?

  • A financial management specialist
  • With extensive international experience
  • Who can explain complex theory
  • In a didactically responsible way
  • Who the participants like

Susan's training sessions

Susan Marcussen has always given training courses and taught subjects in addition to her work as a controller. This was the reason to start her training agency in 2013. And guess what? Working as a controller is way too much fun to not do it. That is why she still works a few hours a week as a controller at a great SME company.

We're going to work together


During the introductory meeting, we discuss the target group, problems, timeline, wishes and learning objectives.

Plan of action

A company representative discusses the financial issues and problems managers experience in their work with Susan.


We start with a pilot training which we evaluate to fine-tune.

Training courses

Susan provides customized training, in combination with other learning resources such as e-learning modules, e-books, videos, etc.


A Webinar can take many different forms.

  • A full day of remote training. Used a lot during corona, of course, but also useful if the teams are located all over the world.
  • Periodic Q & A for the participants in the program.
  • Bring late arrivals of the program up to speed.
  • If participants have missed a training session a webinar is often used to catch up.

During the development phase of the program we discuss the wishes of your company.

Others talk about the Financial Management training

Contact us today

Stop searching and contact Susan now to make sure you know who will be in front of the group. We do not only custom make your training but also craft tailor made e-learning modules.

"So that all your managers will enjoy finance and make the right decisions"

…and avoid failure.

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