Executive coaching finance

For financially sound decision-making

Are you looking for a coach who can effectively transfer financial knowledge?

Are you looking for an executive finance coach for a key figure within your organization?

  • You are looking for an opportunity to acquire financial knowledge quickly for a special key person in the organization.

  • A coach who can bring an executive to an excellent level of financial knowledge in a short period of time.

Executive Finance Coach Susan Marcussen

Susan Marcussen has transferred financial knowledge to many new CIOs, CEOs, COOs… in an efficient and fun way.

Susan is to-the-point, straightforward, funny, skilled, and uses a simple structure. A few conversations with her and a some e-learning modules will bring your CO to a perfect financial level.

Executive coaching finance plan

We discuss the goals and the timeline with the L&D manager. In a few sessions that are precisely customized for the professional, the financial concepts are set out.

The experiences of others with Finance for Non-Financials

Want to start soon?

You can! Together we can discuss what your goals are. 

Get 3-0 ahead in the first 100 days of your new position

...by asking the right financial questions!

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