Thé finance for non-financials

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Do you lack the financial knowledge to make well-founded decisions for your organization?

Are you making the right decisions?

  • You notice that your finance knowledge is insufficient.
  • And want to participate more in important discussions at work.
  • But you don’t want classroom lessons at fixed times.

The Finance for Non-Financials e-learning can help!

The finance for Non-Financials e-learning program is the perfect combination of professional knowledge and real-world experience in controlling. Created to quickly and visually transfer financial management knowledge.

The e-learning program includes the following:

  • An introduction to finance.
  • We start with the profit and loss statement, which explains: ‘What have I performed?’ and ‘What have I consumed?’.
  • Subsequently we discuss the balance sheet, the overview of the assets on the left and to whom it belongs on the right.
  • The third topic is the cash flow statement, the inflow and outflow of cash.
  • We end the essence of finance with a complete circle, which discusses the relationships between the overviews.

Subsequently, four e-learning modules are optional:

  • Safeguarding people and assets.
  • Getting started with goals and ratios.
  • Investment decisions.
  • Financials of a sales deal.

Three Finance for Non-Financials e-learning packages

Choose the e-learning package that is the best suitable solution for your current problems and learning goals.

Access the e-learning program at any time, any place and on any device (mobile, iPad or laptop).

Basic package

With 'The essence of finance' you will gain a solid foundation in order to learn the financial language. The framework is ready to go!

Professional package

'The professional package' consists of the essence of finance and additional modules to learn how to define actions and achieve your goals. In addition, you will also get modules targeted at the protection of people and assets to prevent fraud and phishing.

Excellent package

In addition to the knowledge in the professional package, 'the excellent package' gives you more knowledge about investments and teaches you a valuable method that will significantly improve the value of your deals.

The e-learning packages are available separately

The e-learning packages are available for both business and not-for-profit managers, in Dutch and English.

The prices of the individual e-learning packages, that you can start today!

The basic package‘ is available for only € 195.
The professional package‘ is available for only € 295.
The excellent package‘ is available for only € 395.

Multiple licenses are cheaper.
Contact us for the possibilities.

… and start today

Experiences with the financial management e-learning programs

The e-learning program is made for:

This e-learning program teaches you how to read and understand financial statements, which gives you a better insight into the goals that companies or organizations are pursuing, after which you can achieve your goals easier and better.

Financial Management
for profit organizations

Finance is a special language, a structured concept. With this e-learning program, you will learn finance effectively and how to use it to your advantage.

… and start today

Financial Management
for NON-profit organizations

Most managers in not-for-profit organizations have a background in their specific field like medicine and therefore lack vital knowledge about financial management that is needed.

… and start today

"Increase your financial knowledge and realize the next step in your career"

If you've been thinking about investing in financial knowledge, there is no time like the present!

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