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Do you work for a company or organization and do you want to increase the financial vigour of your professionals?
Then Finance for Non-Financials is the right place to be.

As an L&D Manager, you are looking for....

  • an easy and appropriate way to improve the financial knowledge of employees;
  • customized Financial Management e-learning tools that match the specific overviews of your company and the problems that employees experience daily during their work;
  • an e-learning module created by a subject-skilled professional who can talk to both educationalists and financials.

Together we create a Financial Management e-learning program that fits perfectly with your in-company trajectory.

Financial Management e-learning by Susan

Together with an experienced e-learning development specialist, Susan Marcussen has created a fantastic e-learning module. This is special because of the strong visual support, the use of many metaphors, and based on years of experience as an international controller.

Customized e-learning

We make e-learning modules based on individual wishes that come forward during the conversations. All topics can be included (if they are about finance). We personalize this with your company’s information to create the perfect e-learning program together.

Get in touch with us today.

The modules of the e-learning program

In consultation, we decide which modules and topics are the most relevant for your business. Each module is adapted to the specific situation and learning objectives of your company. If a subject is missing from our knowledge base, we will be happy to develop the module with you.

Thus personalized… based on a rock-solid foundation.

  • Before you start
    • Navigate
    • Practical information
    • Creators
    • Follow-up
  • Start the essence of finance
    • Why this e-learning
    • Learning goals
    • Build up
    • Finance is a constant
    • Financial health at my company
  • Financial accounting principles
    • Financial Statements
    • The seven accounting principles
    • The value cycle
  • Profit and loss statement
    • What is the profit and loss statement
    • Experiment
    • Costs versus Payments
    • Video: Costs versus Payments
    • Structure of the P&L
    • Goal and ratios of the P&L
  • Profit and loss at a company 
    • Monthly reporting
    • Eight steps at reviewing financials
    • Analysing the P&L to get actions
    • Video P&L
  • Balance sheet
    • What is a balance sheet?
    • Structure of the balance sheet
    • Create your own balance sheet
    • Depreciation, Amortization and Impairment
    • Debit, credit and the balance sheet
    • Goal of the balance sheet
  • Balance sheet at a company
    • Monthly reporting
    • Goal of the balance sheet at my company
    • Video balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
    • What is a cash flow statement? 
    • Structure of the cash flow statement
    • Goal and ratios of the cash flow statement
  • Cash flow statement at a company
    • Monthly reporting
    • Video cash flow statement
  • A completed cycle
    • Value cycle and statements
    • From profit to cash via EBITDA
    • Cash flow and balance sheet
    • OPEX and CAPEX
    • Debit, credit and the P&L
    • Actions and proposals
  • Exercise: Take that seat
    • Receiving goods
    • Selling goods
    • Receiving cash
    • Paying cash
    • Take that seat
  • Keywords
    • Fundamentals
    • Profit and loss
    • Balance sheet
    • Cash flow statement
  • End of the essence of finance
    • Summary and next steps
    • Goals
    • Feedback on the e-learning
    • Documentation
    • Yes yes yes the end
  • Internal control
    • Why learn about internal control? 
    • How to safeguard
    • Who is allowed to do what?
    • Asssets and internal control
    • Information security
  • Fraud
    • Phishing
    • CEO fraud
    • Employee fraud
  • Financial goals at my company
    • Recap of the financial goals
    • The goals of my company
    • Exercise: Goal realization
  • Ratios
    • Improving
    • Activity ratios
    • Profitability ratios
    • Solvability ratios 
    • Liquidity ratios
  • Group and personal ratios
    • Group ratios
    • Personal ratios
  • Investment goals
    • Financial goals
    • Two additional goals
  • Investment metrics
    • From goals to metrics
    • Metric #1: Pay back period
    • Metric #2: Net present value
    • Metric #3: Internal rate of return
    • Investment keywords
    • Some practical tips
  • Financials of a sales deal
    • How to convince the controller of your deal
    • Calculating a proposal
    • Presenting a proposal
    • Summary (and something extra)
  • Internal control manual
  • Capital expenditure policy
  • Acquisition manual
  • Travel policy
  • Foreign currency risk management policy
  • Accounting manual
  • Credit policy
  • Human resource policy
  • Management charter
  • ...
  • English version
    • Profit
    • Non-profit
  • Dutch version
    • Profit
    • Non-Profit

Experiences with the Financial Management e-learning

"A standard Financial Management e-learning will not achieve long-lasting change among participants."

A customized program is the solution!

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