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Choose a sustainable co-creational finance for non-financials program, uniquely constructed with and for your organization.

Learning & Development manager

Are you a Learning & Development Manager looking for custom-made sustainable financial management knowledge for your organization?
Finance for Non-Financials combines various appealing personalized training methods.

Sounds familiar?

  • During presentations, work- and result meetings it shows time and again that the managers’ problem-solving abilities are insufficient due to a lack of financial knowledge.
  • Managers are unable to properly substantiate their financial considerations and decisions with relevant financial reasoning.
  • Is it possible for me, as an L&D manager, to make long-lasting financial knowledge accessible to the most important managers?
  • If I do not take action as L&D manager, we will make the wrong decisions within the organization and in the worst-case scenario we will go bankrupt or we will not achieve our objective.

The Solution of Susan

Susan Marcussen is an experienced International Chartered Controller with over 20 years of corporate experience and a passion for training and development. Her work is characterized by the practical applicability of financial concepts.

She never misses an opportunity to turn financial concepts into concrete executable and understandable actions by using catchy metaphors.

Executive Master in Finance and Control Maastricht 
Bachelor Teacher Education Tilburg

High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL)

Integrate e-learning with face-to-face learning. Vary asynchronous and synchronous activities of the participants both individually and in a team, using individual assessments, discussion boards, video, e-book, group projects and peer feedback!


During the introduction, Susan discusses the target group, the learning objectives, and the desired learning methods.


Operating on the preferred modalities (classroom, e-learning, literature, videos, assignments, strategies of improvement), the organizational financial- issues and -overviews, Susan designs a program.


We evaluate the Educational Services that are delivered to you through a range of tailored programs, which Susan build in partnership with you.

Our customized Finance for Non-Financials program consists of the following parts

This program contains all the components needed to increase the financial knowledge and decisiveness of your employees.

Make an appointment with Finance for Non-Financials, we will be happy to discuss your wishes.

The experiences of others with Finance for Non-Financials

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What is the result?


Managers are quicker at making good decisions, resulting in a decrease in risks and an increase in successes – in quality as well as in quantity.


Susan’s custom-made program, suited for my organization, will establish well-informed managers with relevant and long-lasting financial knowledge.


This will contribute to a better chance of achieving financial (and non-profit) objectives.

“A standard finance for non-financials training will not establish sustainable change within participants.”

A customized program is the solution!

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